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Award-winning artist and animator, Alejandra Leibovich (aka Aleloop), originally from Argentina, started her professional career in rotoscoping animated characters for the first TV show in Argentina with a mix of live-action and 2D animation. Her artwork has been exhibited at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami), Art Basel, San Diego Comic-Con, Red Dot Art Fair, Miami International Art Fair, Pop Santa Fe, Bear & Beard, Twelve 21, Lunar Boy, Pink Ghost Gallery, among others.

Since her latest life-changing Art Basel exhibition (showcased at the feature documentary Hitching a Ride on Entropy, Aleloop decided to study physics and go into real-life business school. Resulting in a multimillion-dollar personal development company listed into the 10 fastest growing companies in Miami and 4 consecutive times within the 2000 fastest growing companies in the USA. She uses her creativity to develop business intelligence software to run her company and her clients. She developed a custom phone app to listen to the company’s extensive content that is becoming its own radio station called “A World Uncertain Radio” For entrepreneurs By entrepreneurs. 

Aleloop divides her time between working on a sci-fi graphic novel, painting, developing software and taking on select animation and design projects for clients including 7UP, Dr. Pepper, Wolverine, X-MEN, Ironman, Nicktoons, MTV, etc. Aleloop’s press includes the USA TODAY, CBS, Discovery News, Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Fox Deco Drive, Trend Hunter, SunPost, Sun Sentinel, Motor Trend, among many others.

Aleloop lives in Miami with her husband and amazingly cute 3 years old. Aleloop has won over 30 international design and animation awards and the 2019 Enterprising Women Award.