Aleloop is a universe, a brand that defies boundaries and pushes the limits through an injection of creativity to inspire you to go “beyond”. Created by Alejandra Leibovich, a successful entrepreneur, author and artist, with a vast career in design, animation and software, who decided to further her screen success by embodying through her art innovative concepts that are igniting a movement composed of a form of entertainment that transcends and ultimately helps us train our mind, feed our soul and provoke a sense of purpose. That is why Aleloop runs on the concept of enterTRAINment.



Alejandra Leibovich is a successful business woman & entrepreneur, author and artist. Her work as a senior art director at Nickelodeon, VH1 and MTV received some of the most coveted awards in the industry. Her art was broadcasted at the Miami Art Basel, Sand Diego Comic-Con & MOCA. Co-founder of How to Manage Enterprises, listed INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the US, her efforts have yielded multi-million-dollar companies and are inspiring many others to think and act differently. Ale was born in Argentina; she has always been the new girl in town. These experiences led Ale to use her amazing skills to help others to think out-the-box, challenging herself and others to go for their dreams. To learn more about her, visit her website.



The Calm Down Stories are not plain bedtime stories for kids. Created by Alejandra who chooses to inject within the stories a mindset of success, decision-making habits and a world of “what if?” to children around the world. The Stories are igniting a movement composed of a form of entertainment that transcends and ultimately helps us train our mind feed our soul. They run the concept of enterTRAINment. The stories have a dual purpose- taking parents and kids through an adventure to have next level conversations with each other, while helping to reduce screen time, provoke creativity and enterTRAINment, in a fun, creative and effective way. None of these stories have been written before, they are improvised and narrated on the go, using the power of the spoken word to keep the listener in a state of constant expectation. GET THE APP!




We believe that good attitude, humor, and the right mindset can take you up the ladder and set you apart from other leaders, moving you forward into the weird, unpredictable and ever-changing world of adulthood…and the office -or home office…






What could your full potential be? Artist & Entrepreneur host Aleloop talks about her own journey on achieving her full potential doing improv storytelling, writing, making art, selling it and growing businesses fast. With a diverse background and dozens of design & animation awards for her work at MTV, Vh1, Nickelodeon and being the co-Founder of a 6-times-in-a-row fastest growing company, Aleloop (Alejandra Leibovich) shares key observations that might surprise you & inspire you on your own journey to explore and achieve your full potential.



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Want an LOL wallpaper to brighten your life?

Want an LOL wallpaper to brighten your life?