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Alejandra Leibovich (aka Aleloop)- the Renaissance Woman, entrepreneur, award winning animator, storyteller, cartoonist,  apps/games/BI software developer and sandwich lover. Aleloop brought ratings of worldwide TV networks to the tops, took over Art Basel with her unique art project and successfully co-founded a 6 times in-a-row INC 5000 fastest growing company in the USA. 
Originally from Argentina, Aleloop decided to keep her thick accent and now is based and works in Miami, FL. Between inventing games, software and painting, you can find Alejandra caring for her son, learning about physics and picking strawberries in her garden. Oh and you can totally find more by looking around this website.


“I’m all about the results. I believe that design and animation can take you a long way but what I love seeing the most is the numbers. The ratings go up. The amount of subscribers go up. The counts of media coverage go up. That’s when I feel accomplished. I love seeing the channels, the shows and properties becoming the household names. That’s when I know my work has been done well”. (c) Aleloop

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Hitching a Ride on Entropy

How did the little gal take over the biggest art festival in the world?
With some very small cars, really big art and a flash mob! 

This super fun feature film tells the story… watch the trailer below.

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