In a whirlwind of unexpected events, ARTExpo New York was rocked by earthquakes and eclipses, but amidst the chaos, one thing remained constant—the enchanting world of Aleloop.

As attendees navigated through the bustling aisles of the expo, they were greeted with a warm welcome: “Welcome to our Jungle!” Despite being surrounded by the concrete jungle of New York City, visitors were invited to step into Aleloop’s vibrant world, a jungle of misfits where creativity knows no bounds.

The essence of the exhibit was not merely about showcasing artwork; it was about embracing creativity and embracing oneself. Aleloop’s art embodied the spirit of embracing one’s inner child—unapologetic and courageous in pursuing dreams. Each painting, each character, whispered tales of joy and magic, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of whimsy.


The essence of the exhibit was not merely about showcasing artwork; it was about embracing creativity and embracing oneself.

This visual odyssey through Aleloop’s art delves deep into emotions, fostering a profound connection to our human stories and nature. 

Each of my paintings has a voice and a story. The colors, wonder, and humor in Aleloop’s work create a unique atmosphere of happiness and unique expression.

Beyond the colorful canvases lay the heart of the exhibit—the people. The true highlight of the week was the opportunity to connect with visitors from all walks of life. From seasoned artists to young talents, from software engineers to music composers, from writers to designers, individuals from across the globe converged at Aleloop’s booth.

Conversations flowed freely, and stories were shared—career paths, life-changing events, and rediscovered passions. Amidst the laughter and shared stories, there was a sense of kinship, a recognition that art has the power to transcend boundaries and unite souls.

With each painting that found a new home, it was as if a new member joined the ever-growing family of misfits. For Aleloop and her band of characters, is not just a transaction but a celebration of connection, we say people “adopted” one of our misfits. Art has a unique ability to transcend barriers and connect people on a deeply human level. It serves as a universal language that can bridge gaps between cultures, generations, and individual experiences. Aleloop’s art inspires joy and curiosity, empathy and a sense of discovery.


It's a cultural exchange of souls, offering the chance to appreciate and learn from each other's life stories and perspectives.

Beyond each painting lies a shared experience, an opportunity to gather and cultivate a sense of community and belonging. The narratives of our characters are compelling, enabling people to connect and share their journeys and histories.
Art sparks strong emotions, forging connections on a deep emotional level. Our ‘Misfits’ and their stories resonate with my own life experiences: fears, uncertainties, critiques, and limiting beliefs ingrained by years of ‘education.’ These obstacles often keep us from reaching our full potential, not just in our creativity but also in the direction our lives take.


Each piece of artwork and story transcends the canvas, promoting self-discovery and personal growth. Inspiring us to understand our own stories and how we relate to others.

Each artwork & story broadens our horizons and deepens our understanding of our own lives. The self-awareness of our identity holds immense power.

Every day was amazing, hundreds of beautiful people from all over the globe, each one with unique stories yet to be told. As the expo drew to a close, the joyful feeling and the sense of wonder remained, stronger than ever. The journey was far from over; there were still countless stories to be told and adventures to be had. Together, Aleloop and her misfits looked ahead with excitement, eager to share more of their world with those who had become part of their joyful journey.

As the saying goes, “These little town blues are melting away,” every time they gathered. For in the world of Aleloop, there was only room for joy, magic, and endless possibilities. Thank you for being a part of the adventure. Stay tuned for wonder.



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