What’s blocking your progress?

Your mindset is everything when it comes to moving forward. Imagine your brain is like a GPS. When it's working, you're cruising down the highway of life. When it’s not, you’re stuck in a roundabout with no exit in sight, and lose our ability to trust your decisions. It's like you’re in a battle with yourself, very annoying like a supermarket cart’s wheels are out of alignment, constantly pulling left or right instead of staying on course. Last week, we talked about how anxiety can distort things. Today is about finding center. If you are looking for a change, this could help.

Ready to end the self-sabotage?

With the hustle and bustle of the day, it’s easy to slip out of alignment and get caught up in the “doing.” Taking a moment to align opens your mind to more possibilities and ways of thinking. Before we step into the arena to fight, we have to give ourselves permission to make time to think and reflect. Sounds huge and dramatic, right? But there is no reset without reflection. You need to understand what works for you and what doesn’t.


Before taking the land, lets plant our feet...

Being still is a huge action; it is not being passive and definitely not mindlessly scrolling through cute cats and wacky recipes on your phone. It’s about consciously holding space for yourself to reset and align. A five-minute walk or enjoying your favorite ice cream can change your world.

Alignment can bring flow back to our day because we are choosing a path without resistance. The crazy thing is that we can choose to live in alignment or misalignment in every area of our lives. Do we need to kick ourselves into alignment? Alignment is the foundation, the state where the magic happens. And that begins with shifting your mindset.

Now, doesn’t that five-minute walk to the ice cream shop seem more epic?

Misaligned hustler or aligned creator?

Life gets busy. When it feels like everything is happening all at once and you’re getting overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, sometimes the best thing to do is take a minute to chill and think. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the hustle is what is needed, but not a fear-led hustle that leads to burnout, frustration, and the emotional cost of your well-being. Imagine a better way to get there, to enjoy the ride.

I know, we love action—epic, heroic, bold responses to life’s curveballs. But sometimes, it may be a perspective shift in our mindset. Make time to reset, to go back to your why. It’s easy to get distracted. Why am I doing all of this work? Why did I want to start my business in the first place? Who am I creating this future for? Why must I not give up on myself?

Our core values are what make us unique (we talked about this last month); they’re like a map for our behavior. That is why alignment with ourselves is crucial and can give you more confidence, motivation, focus, and direction than action alone. Action should be led by this. Whether you write this out in a journal every day or have it hanging on your wall at home or the office, your core values are essential.

My art is a way to connect with your inner child: playful, loving, curious, free-spirited. Remember the feeling of wonder, the things that you really, really loved? What brought you joy? What were your favorite activities? In what ways did you like to get creative? Chances are, you’ll still love those activities and will find immense joy in expressing yourself through them.

Your best life is what you make of it, not situations or opinions. This is your journey.


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