Was it a coincidence or a major turning point?

My artwork can make you happier than a tax accountant on April 16th and make you feel better than a 3-hour nap! But how’s that possible?  

Hi, I’m Alejandra Leibovich, I’m Aleloop. I created each painting to be a portal to spark wonder and curiosity, to be a true cure for boredom, and a reminder that happiness is the key to unlocking your best self. My artwork and my beloved band of ‘misfits’ are happy, affirming, and, quirky characters that will inspire you to find the happy, fun side of life.

I grew up in Argentina, during a dictatorship in an antisemitic, chauvinist, totalitarian society.

When I left, I was barely able to speak English and had no college degree. Since then, I have become a mother, wife, entrepreneur, writer, illustrator, and artist. My paintings were featured at multiple sold-out shows including Art Basel Miami and several exhibits and shows across the USA.


But it wasn't always like this. Indeed, these characters saved my life...

I was the senior art director at VH1, MTV, and Nickelodeon for all SOCO, with multiple international design and motion graphics awards. Then I got sick, and could barely move, and couldn’t even get out of bed, so I started doing something I always loved to do, sketching, little drawings. At first, I could draw for just a minute, but then I started feeling better because drawing the characters made me feel good. And then minute by minute, I find myself drawing more and more, and feeling better and better. Painting these quirky, fun, and courageous characters brought out so much happiness, that I completely healed. Painting these characters helped to find happiness, even in the worst situations.


And that is what I explore through my art, the chance to find the extraordinary, the humor, and the inspiration to live an out-of-the-ordinary life. Each of my paintings has a voice and a story. The colors, wonder, and humor in my work create a unique atmosphere of happiness and expression.  Each show is a celebration of connection, that’s why we say people “adopted” one of our misfits when they get one of my paintings. 

Thank you for reading a bit of my story (there’s still so much to tell you) For now, I hope my art inspires joy, curiosity, and a sense of discovery to live the best version of your life!

My art is about embracing creativity and embracing oneself, discovering your inner child, and reclaiming that sense of wonder.

Each of my paintings has a voice and a story. The colors, wonder, and humor in Aleloop’s work create a unique atmosphere of happiness and unique expression.

Doesnt matter how old you are, or where you are in life, my art is meant to inspire you to live your best life and discover the possibilities within your life. The self-awareness of our identity holds immense power.

Every day was amazing, hundreds of beautiful people from all over the globe, each one with unique stories yet to be told. As the expo drew to a close, the joyful feeling and the sense of wonder remained, stronger than ever. The journey was far from over; there were still countless stories to be told and adventures to be had. Together, Aleloop and her misfits looked ahead with excitement, eager to share more of their world with those who had become part of their joyful journey.

As the saying goes, “These little town blues are melting away,” every time they gathered. For in the world of Aleloop, there was only room for joy, magic, and endless possibilities. Thank you for being a part of the adventure. Stay tuned for wonder.



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