The Bags Under My Eyes Are Prada

Mix media on canvas with resin – 10 x 13 in

When it comes to defying conformity and embracing life with vibrant flair, these iguanas fearlessly flaunt their unique style. A clique of fashion-forward peacocks. These stylish birds strut through the city streets (in my neighborhood, with impeccable poise, their designer feathers gleaming in the sun, and tails that rival Dior or Thiery Mugler itself.

Nature spared no expense when it comes to their wardrobe. With a flick of perfectly manicured claws, they command attention and admiration from all who cross their path, even stopping casual drivers on the road literally. After all, looking fabulous is not just about money or labels: it is an attitude, it’s finding your voice.

It’s about embracing our authenticity and defying the odds just by being ourselves.


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