Smile, Dont Panic

Mix media on canvas with resin

Despite being a tiny android with a large head, Johnny had big dreams: he wanted to be a stand-up comedian. That’s right, a robot telling jokes. At first, he wasn’t that funny. People might still say he’s not that funny. But who cares? That was his dream!

Johnny’s jokes were so bad he would short-circuit from anxiety. But Johnny didn’t give up. He kept rolling out his terrible jokes like he was on a mission. People started coming to his shows just to see how bad it could get.

“Why did the robot go on a diet? To reduce his byte size!” Silence filled the room, but Johnny didn’t mind. He was living his dream.

Johnny embraced his unique style, bad jokes and all, and used it to carve out his place in the comedy world. Today he’s famous, and a legend in the Robot World.


Chase your dreams, no matter how improbable or unconventional they might seem. Persistence in the face of failure is crucial. Johnny embraced what made him different and used it to build his dream. Self-acceptance and confidence are very powerful. And most importantly, finding joy in the process—even if the result isn’t perfect—is what truly matters.

He turned his terrible, terrible jokes into a comedy career, proving that sometimes, the best punchline is simply not giving up.



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