Chihuahuas From Outerspace

Acrylic on canvas

The true origins of chihuahuas are somewhat lost to history. What is known is that they are here, and they’re ridiculously cute. Some say the earliest sightings of these otherworldly creatures date back to the Incan Empire, known as Tawantinsuyu, which means the “Realm of the Four Parts” in the Quechua language. But I first saw them in my backyard, trying to blend in. So, where did these pint-sized pooches come from before that?

There are a few theories. You can even spot a chihuahua in a painting in the Sistine Chapel. However, my favorite theory is that because some natives of North and South America believed their ancestors came from the stars, chihuahuas must be from outer spaceā€¦ and they are set on world domination through cuteness and high-pitched barking, which they use to communicate with other chihuahuas around the universe.


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