Transform anxiety into Creativity

The key is always our response. It's amazing when you can harness all the energy from stress and worry and channel it into getting something done. Anxiety can become a positive force in your day—a superpower.

Anxiety—that sneaky little brain gremlin (not Gizmo), that twists our thoughts

Recently, I had to swap out my old glasses for a new pair (yay, adulthood!), and these new specs had some wild distortion. Everything looked bigger and oddly curved, like a funhouse mirror. I figured I’d get used to it, but instead, I got monster headaches, couldn’t focus, and felt like I was trapped in a Salvador Dalí painting. Fun, right?

This got me thinking about how our minds sometimes play tricks on us, shooting our anxiety through the roof with thoughts that are as accurate as my new glasses. These distorted thoughts can mess with our sanity and even our relationships. When those distorted thoughts start to manifest, we need to spin them around and ride them like cowboys on a wild horse, directing them into something constructive. The truth is, things often aren’t as bad as we think. Remember how we’ve chatted about believing in ourselves? When we trust our abilities, problems shrink and we can leap over obstacles like Mario grabbing mushrooms. Power-up!


Remember who you are my padawan...

So, let’s talk strategy. First, identify your superpowers—those internal and external strengths. Reflect on your past victories to boost your confidence. And don’t forget your squad! Surround yourself with people who lift you and inspire you. As you level up in life, you’ll notice some folks, and things will stick around, while others will fade away like a bad internet connection.

Battling negative thoughts and assumptions is like fighting the final boss in a video game—it’s a process. You have to question your beliefs and separate reality from your brain’s version of reality. Ask yourself: Are there other ways to think about this situation? I channel this mindset into my art and paintings. My characters and their stories are there to challenge and inspire us to find joy in the tiniest, most invisible,  whimsical things and situations, boosting our happiness like a purchase credit on Temu.

But hold up! Change isn’t like a Prime delivery—it doesn’t show up overnight. You’ve got to practice these new thought patterns so your brain can build some happy habits. Set goals and work on integrating these new thoughts.

It’s not magic, but adopting healthy habits for your mental health can help you make the most of the present, no matter how challenging the situation. Embracing uncertainty is essential for happiness and is the foundation for creativity and growth. There’s a certain freedom in accepting the mystery—like when your favorite song comes on randomly in a playlist.

Finding your 'Happy place' in the uncertainty

Finding our ‘happy place’ in ambiguity is crucial for happiness and success. Many breakthroughs that lead to success come from moving forward despite the darkness. This doesn’t mean you should never plan; it means accepting that you can’t plan everything. Sometimes, letting circumstances unfold in unexpected ways can lead to greater things.

The next time you feel underwater about uncertainties, trust in your own imagination and creativity to reveal the answers. This confidence will turn into energy, and often, the surprising solutions you discover will be far better than anything you could have planned. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself!

And that is what I explore through my art, the chance to find the extraordinary, the humor, and the inspiration to live an out-of-the-ordinary life.


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